DJ JSO (JsoGuapo)

DJ JSO PHILADELPHIA Born & Raised producer, on air mixer, and PR Releases first ever project "JSO KRAY" Instrumental EP Including Independently Produced beat " MIDNIGHT" Gaining attention for it's HipHop & Reggae Meld, DJ Jso not only produces beats but also a full length radio show airing on Phillycam's non-commercial station WPPM 106.5 FM. In collaboration with partners met on the college track, Dj Jso runs full length music promotions for the artists he works with across multiple platforms, including his own blog site. "THEMIC1065.COM" including a blog for artist to be placed on, playlists to listen to artist, videos to entertain viewers and former radio episodes re-released as podcasts episodes so you don't miss an once of the game that's spilled on air by some of the shows most insightful guests. Find DJ Jso and All THE MIC"s content via THEMIC1065.COM or on all major streaming platforms. Contact DJ Jso to learn how to start and grow you own platform form the ground up, just like he did!!!